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Installation of JFE Engineering’s “RAPIDAS” Fast Charging System for Electric Vehicles in San Diego, CA

In San Diego, California, JFE Engineering was the first Japanese company to receive an order from San Diego Gas & Electric
(SDG&E), which is a major gas and electric power utility, and installed a RAPIDAS unit. Installation of the RAPIDAS system was
based on a cooperation agreement with VLI-EV Partners (located in San Diego), which is involved in infrastructure improvement
and consulting in connection with energy network systems concluded in December of last year. The JFE RAPIDAS rapid charging
system can be used in electric power load leveling, and does not require large power (50 kW or more with conventional systems)
when receiving power. This makes it possible to avoid the additional “demand charge”*2 for power used during peak time
periods, and was a decisive factor in the decision to adopt the JFE technology.

The RAPIDAS system, which includes a storage battery, can perform normal rapid charging with a small power source of 20 kW.*4

In the future, JFE Engineering will actively present proposals for the RAPIDAS in the United States, and will also work toward
popularization of the new “Super RAPIDAS,” which the company has developed as a next-generation charging system that can
deliver “80% of full charge in only 8 minutes.”

*1  The RAPIDAS Rapid Access Charging System for EV developed by JFE Engineering Corporation can deliver an 80% charge
in 30 minutes under specifications conforming to the CHAdeMO standard.

*2  Although differing depending on the region, under the “demand charge” rate system for electric power, a set charge is added
to the base rate for power consumed during peak times, when the largest amount of power is used, during one month.
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